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Campside Cheat

Campside Cheat
Jmac has been dragged out of his comfy home for a “character-building” family outing by his father. The only redeeming quality is that his dad’s cock-hungry girlfriend, Ashley Adams, has also been forced to attend – giving Jmac a proper natural beauty to be entranced with! Who wants to fish when you could instead be checking out Ashley's nice round tits? Even better, what if you caught her masturbating in the tent? There she lays, stroking her soaking wet pussy as she imagines your cock hardening beneath your shorts! And it seems that Ashley has the same thing on her mind - let's forget his father and have a wild, raunchy, sloppy fuck fest by the fireside! Not even the natural wildlife can drown out this girl's dirty talk as Ashley convinces Jmac to turn this campsite into a cheater's getaway…
09-02-18, 337
Official Release Date: Feb 8, 2018
Category: BlowJob
PornStar: Ashley Adams
PornSite: RKPrime
PornStudio: RealityKings
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